Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Haulin' these curds back to Brooklyn

What's that Mozz been up to, and why hasn't she been keeping it fresh? Answer: I'm moving back to Brooklyn, which I am amped about, and I've even been nesting. That's right, I put all of those hours of rapt HGTV-watchin' to work and painted.

I won't be spending sweat waiting for the PATH train with its mercurial sense of time, and I won't have to drive to the supermarket, which means I'll have more than beer and horseradish mustard in my fridge. And I'll be closer to all of the Mozzadrella-oriented adventures I want to tackle this fall.

I'll be up and running next week, in the meantime, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this. Michael Pollan has apparently made a dent in the zeitgeist.

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